Student Enrolment Policy

a) The Student must sign two Enrolment Contracts – one for the Student and one for the School.
b) The Student must read and understand the School Policy before signing the Enrolment Contract.
c) The Student must submit all required items before signing the Enrolment Contract.
d) International Students must submit a Student Permit from Canadian Immigration.
e) If the student has no high school diploma, they must submit two letters of recommendation from their employer or other non-family member.


Language Proficiency Assessment Policy

a) Students must speak, write and comprehend English at a high intermediate level, sufficient to enough complete the courses undertaken.
b) The registrar will see the history of the student’s English wrinting skill from the application documents such as the resume and a letter stating “Why do you want to study Shiatsu?”, and as well as speaking and listening skills from the interview by the administrator which is set up by the school.
c) The check sheet of student’s English skill will be stored in his/her student file.


Withdrawal Policy

a) The student must provide written notice to the school when withdrawing.
b) The school shall provide written notice to the student in case of dismissal. The school shall not be responsible for refunding more than has been collected to the date of withdrawal or dismissal if the total fees have not yet been collected.
c) Diploma program must complete the program within two years. If the term of the contract expires before the student has completed the program and/or course requirements, the student is considered to have voluntarily withdrawn without notice and no refunds will be made.


Extension Policy

a) Students enrolled in the diploma program have a maximum of two (2) years to successfully complete all subjects.
b) If the student cannot complete the program within two (2) years, but would like to extend their contract (i.e., three (3) years, four (4) years…), a nwe contract must be signed every year, and a $100.00 administration fee will be applied to it every year..