Grading, Academic Standing and School Operation Policies

Attendance Policy

  • The duration of each class is three hours. Additionally, one and one-half hours of directed independent study is required before or after each class.
  • Attendance will be taken at the beginning and end of class. Students who are late will be counted absent at the beginning of class. If the Student leaves early, he/she will be counted absent at that time. In order to achieve full marks for attendance, Students must be present on time for each class and remain for the full duration of the class. Eighty percent (80%) attendance is required to graduate.
  • Student Attendance record will be stored in his/her student file.

School Operation Policy

      • A minimum grade of seventy percent (70%) is required to graduate. In certain cases and at the discretion of the Board of Directors, exceptions may be granted.
      • If required one supplementary examination per course may be taken for additional fee.
      • The School may cancel the class in case of insufficient enrolment.
      • For details of School Clinic operation see the Work Experience Policy.*
      • For details of the Organizational structure see the Organizational Chart.*
      • All changes of address, phone numbers and other personal information must be conveyed to the Administration in a timely fashion.
      • Classes may be cancelled in the case of events such as transportation strikes, natural disasters, national emergencies and extreme weather. Students are advised to check the local radio stations (AM730 or AM1130) or check the website of for school closures. When other major institutions are closed (such as UBC, BCIT) the School will be closed as well.
      • The school may take photos or video during class or field work for use by the school. The school may use this media for web postings and school promotional material.

    * The Work Experience Policy and the Organization Chart will be provided before signing the Enrolment Contract.