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Here is a feedback from Natalie Jovanic who graduates the diploma program at the Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy.

Natalie Jovanic

Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy

Q : What made you decide to study Shiatsu at the Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy in Canada?

So far, I have experience in healing mind and spirit, and I saw Shiatsu as an opportunity to integrate the body in the healing modalities that I can offer. I am very interested in the Eastern philosophies and traditions so that I see many benefits that Shiatsu can offer to the Western world, especially in the area of alternative/preventative health and stress relief. I chose the CCST because its curriculum combines theory, clinical placement and fieldwork and it gives me the possibility to apply for Shiatsu Therapist status at the Canadian Shiatsu Society of BC after I have completed the program.

Q : How is your clinical placement going so far?

I enjoy the clinical placement very much. It's very helpful to work with clients to improve my skills and gain more confidence and trust in my abilities. I also love to interact with the clients and to create a positive and trusting relationship. I feel very rewarded if a client tells me that Shiatsu is beneficial for him or her. The assessments are beneficial to receive professional feedback and to support me in improving my skills. I feel well supported by the instructors and I appreciate to be able to ask any question I might have during the clinical placement.

Q : What is your future plan after graduation?

My dream is to be able to stay in Vancouver and work as a Shiatsu therapist. On a longer perspective, I want to learn more about using Shiatsu to heal emotional trauma and to understand the body/mind/spirit connection in a deeper way.