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Here is a feedback from Maya Kaneko who graduates the diploma program at the Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy.

Maya Kaneko

Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy

Q : What did you like best about the curriculum?

Aside from Shiatsu, I also have enjoyed the spa therapies portion. It was interesting to compare other manipulative therapies with Shiatsu. We learned Thai massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Swedish massage. They are very wonderful massages because some of these therapies can apply to deep tissues or reflexology and so on. ‘Is it similar to Shiatsu…?’ That was my first impression honestly. I was learning that Shiatsu is the superior form of therapy, but now I see how other spa therapies can be useful as well. Therefore I would say I really like Shiatsu. My plan is to focus on Shiatsu first then work on using the spa therapy techniques later on.

Q : What was the most memorable thing in your student life?

Absolutely, I would say the ‘Student clinic’. At first I was thinking that I needed to complete 200 clients. I was focused on the numbers. But as I got deeper into my schedule, I came to realize that each client is unique. Each client is more than a number. I had to get to know them and learn what works for them and what they like. Trying to be more adaptable. I enjoyed that process of discovering that I can’t approach the clinic portion just by focusing on the number 200. As I went along, I found it rewarding by learning what made my clients happy. In the end, I look back proud of my client services, and hope I helped all of my clients feel better.

Q : Tell us about working at Japan Shiatsu Clinic which is affiliated with Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy.

I am very thankful for the chance to study basic Shiatsu and advanced Shiatsu. From my studies, I have learned many different ways to help my clients depending on what they tell me when they arrive at the clinic. I really enjoy listening to my clients and figuring out exactly what is bothering them. I always ensure I ask the client what they need (what’s bothering them), if they have any conditions, how much pressure is comfortable for them etc.. And then applying one or more of the many techniques I have learned to help them feel better. I am confident that my skills are beneficial to my clients and look forward to helping many people feel better. Everything that I learned comes from the class and the student clinic. But most importantly, I have learned that I care about my clients and want them to feel better. I think this is the right approach so customers can feel relaxed and consider having Shiatsu Therapy. I am very happy to be working at a Japan Shiatsu Clinic, and also I am thankful to have a chance to learn Shiatsu at the Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy. It is also a good opportunity to improve my English language skills and in turn, as I improve, I hope others will be able to learn from me as well.